I love myself!

I got over that whole self-loathing thing a long time ago; shortly after I gave up on meta-physical questions like "who are we?" "why are we here?" I now concentrate on more important questions like "what is for dinner?"

I must admit, I am a very lousy narcissist. I have no reflective pool to look into; no glamourous photographs of me lying about this site. In fact, there is nothing of great use on this page. If you are a Simon groupie, I guess you'll just have to leave disappointed.

Julie has convinced me to start a LiveJournal weblog. This one seems to be vastly more successful than my Advogato weblog, mostly because I seem to have less of a life hacking than I do other things. Which is odd, I suppose, because I spend all my free time hacking. Hmm….

On more mature consideration, I have realised that one could stalk me on-line. It seems that I have this annoying habit of leaving messages for the world to see. In fact, Google has a whole bunch of embarrassing messages from when I was a wee lad.


There is one redeeming trait to this page. It happens to link to various forms of my résumé, which seems quite useful to have. I've got it in DVI, PDF, PostScript and the ever popular XHTML. You can find the source code to generate it in my list of programs.

Updated 11 December 2003
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